6,000 sq ft




Energy & Utilities


6 weeks

Oil and natural gas are fundamental to modern life.Energy is as important as clean air, water and affordable food.Anadarko isommitted to safely producing the energy we all need in a way that protects the environment, public health and supports our communities.

Anadarko is among the worlds largest independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company, with 2.79 billion barrels of oil equivalent of proved reserves at year-end 2013.

Andadarko has proved rapid growth in the last few years and required more space in which to expand.They decided to take an additional floor within their current building and chose Office Principles to carry out the design and fit-out.Privacy and acoustics were really important to the staff at Anadarko so the office was designed with a number of individual cellular offices around the perimeter of the space with more open plan desking in the centre.In order to cater for the individual offices, extensive works were carried out to the mechanical and electrical systems to enable individual controls for each office.

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