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100,000 sq ft

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Consumer Goods

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40 weeks

Mothercare owned their 100,000 sq ft prestigious building in Watford which was an old iconic art-deco structure and a well-known local landmark. The challenge was that it was outdated and had poor IT and infrastructure. The internal layout meant that departments felt isolated and there was a lack of team work and interaction. After interviewing numerous design partners, Office Principles were selected to carry out and complete a redesign and refurbishment of the entire space at a cost of 6.1M. The refurbishment was carried out whilst more than 700 employees were going about their normal business which presented a major challenge. A wing space was identified in the warehouse, which was able to accommodate around 300 staff members. We often worked out of hours and during weekends to minimise disruption to the employees. The result has exceeded every expectation and co-ordinated with a corporate financial turnaround plan. The atmosphere and inspiration of the environment has supported a business plan and created an environment that the staff love. Watch the project video: