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2,500 sq ft

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Consumer Goods

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4 weeks

Twinings produce the best of British tea, which isnt really surprising considering they have over 300 years of expertise. All of their recipes are skilfully blended using the finest tea and herbs from ethically sourced producers from all over the world.

Twinings have a 50 / 50 ratio of residential workers and staff that are travelling. Their office layout just wasnt working for them. The staff were struggling to interact with one another which was resulting in a drop in productivity. They called in Office Principles to help them create a high performance workplace. In order to help the staff to collaborate we suggested that Twinings should consider removing allocated desking. This would allow staff to move around the office, and ensure that they are sitting with the relevant team at all times. We introduced a number of different working areas including hi-back sofas, bar height tables, and small meeting pods to create a flexible environment to help increase staff engagement and communication.

Twinings were keen to re-energise the staff, and to this end they instructed Office Principles to create a workplace design that was bright and vibrant. We used a range of colourful carpets and fabrics, and even included a grass area and picnic bench in the middle of the office!