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Creating environments where your employees are inspired to succeed.

Our experienced office designers create workplaces that reinforce your company culture, improve employee wellbeing and boost productivity.

As UK leaders in office interior design, we provide the complete solution. Not only crafting an initial office space design concept but also bringing it to life with the interior office fit out, project management and office furniture.

6 steps to our office design process

We take every step with you through your workplace office interior design journey. From concept to completion, we deliver the complete office design service.

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Creating the Vision

It all starts with the vision for your workspace. You’ll meet our friendly and experienced team of office designers, and we’ll work together to create a clear outline brief for your office interior project.


Workplace Research

Our approach to office design is more than just providing a creative space. It’s about improving the way your company works. We’ll explore the factors that link certain employee behaviours to better results, helping us design an office space that nurtures wellbeing and boosts productivity.


Block Planning

Incorporating your available space into your office design plan, our workplace and office interior designers will construct block plans outlining how you could allocate your space to get the best from your resources.


Office Concept Design

Our office designers produce initial concept sketches of your workplace design, giving you complete control and collaboration with our office interior experts to craft and revise your design accurately. Once you’re happy with the concept drawings, we begin creating a 3D visualisation of your office space design.


Office Detail Design

Our office designers produce a full drawing package for your workplace interior design. We provide accurate floor plans and 3D visualisations, allowing you to explore your new office design before any office fit out and build work begins. Including all the finer details, including joinery pieces, tea points and mechanical and electrical plans – envisioning the entire project scope.


Office Interior Finishes

An excellent office interior design is all in the details. Together, we’ll select the fabrics, textures, furnishings and finishes for your final office design. From office furniture planning to detail and build, our team can help you.

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Focused on creating impactful solutions

Our office designers put your ambition into motion, working to time schedules and budget requirements to ensure smooth project delivery, from initial concept to full-detailed office space design.

To truly understand your business and the workplace challenges you face, we immerse ourselves into your world, working closely with you to understand your unique requirements.

By doing so, our workplace consultants and office designers can produce office interior design solutions that will impact your business and the way your people work.

Reimagining your office space

Office designs are continually changing, and everyone needs to adapt to new ways of working. Our workplace consultancy specialists will help you transition into new ways of working alongside our designers.

Our office interior design team help to reimagine your office space, from practical workspace solutions and employee well-being strategies to lighting, colour and furnishings.

Our main goal is to make your ideas a reality with a full-service commercial interior design team, from office interior design to fit-out, build and furniture planning.

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Why choose OP to design your workplace?

Our office designers are amongst the best in the UK, leading high-profile corporate office interior design projects for more than 35 years as a leading office design company, we only deliver work we’re proud of. Our experience in workplace interiors and dedication to our clients means every office interior design project is delivered snag-free and to a high standard.

With a big focus on people, our office designs attract a highly talented workforce where employees are inspired to succeed.

We are based in London, Reading, Birmingham and Manchester and offer industry-leading office design services throughout the UK.

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Creating a space that whole-heartedly encompasses our brand values is a monumental moment for our brand.

Melanie Marsden, Co-Founder

Office Interior Design Frequently Asked Questions

What is office interior design?

Office interior design is the process of envisioning and creating a functional, inspiring, and aesthetically pleasing workspace.

It goes beyond decor to carefully consider how the space impacts those who occupy it.

What is the process to office interior design?

Our 6 step office design process includes:

1. Creating a vision
2. Workplace research
3. Block planning
4. Concept design
5. Detail design
6. Selecting finishes

Office Principles collaborate with you at every stage to bring your office vision to life.

What are the benefits of office interior design?

Thoughtfully designed offices boost productivity, employee satisfaction and wellbeing, ability to attract talent, collaboration, innovation, and alignment with company brand and culture.

How much does office interior design cost?

Costs vary significantly based on factors like office size, materials, furnishings, layout changes, etc. Office Principles provide customised quotes tailored to your specific project after learning more.

Our clients find the investment pays dividends through increased efficiency and employee retention.

How long does office interior design take?

You can expect an average project to take 8-14 weeks for standard renovations up to 10,000 sq. ft., with larger projects taking up to 6 months in order to facilitate structural works and elements.

Office Principles take care to deliver on time with minimal disruption to your business.