The topic of office relocation is always met with mixed emotions: it’s an exciting time, a sign of change and progression, but if you’re the one handling the office move, it can also be a hugely stressful period, with plenty to worry about.

From the big issues, like the impact on staff and clients, to the smaller problems, like updating business cards, office relocation is a job that has to be handled efficiently, effectively and holistically.

successful office move

Implementing a successful office move is all about the finer details. Get the initial planning stages done correctly, and the rest will fall into place. The risks of skipping through this stage with minimal care will have a ripple effect on the rest of the move – and can have huge consequences for the company.

To ensure that your office relocation gets off to the best possible start, engage the help of professionals who deal with this on a daily basis. Here at Office Principles, we’re specialists in the field, and can help make the transition into your new office as smooth as possible.

We have over 30 years of experience in helping companies move their offices, and there’s no situation that’s too big – or too small – for us to solve. We’ll take care of your relocation from start to finish, and ensure that when you first step through the doors of your new office, you’ll feel as though you’ve been there for years.

Our Approach to Office Relocation

  1. Space Audits
    When undertaking an office relocation it is important that you understanding the needs of your staff before you start. Office Principles will conduct workspace utilisation and space occupancy studies to gain insight into your workplace performance, as well as your current space utilisation. From this we will be able to identify any physical restraints of the building and assess areas such as meeting rooms, breakout areas and cellular offices.
  2. Workplace Design
    The results from the workspace studies will give us the foundation to create an office that reflects how your staff are making use of the current space and how they work. Our office relocation consultants will see the design process through to the last detail, ensuring your new workplace maintains the perfect balance of creativity and practicality.
  3. Project Management
    Office Principles will dedicate a relocation manager to your project to ensure complete project coordination and be your single point of contact. After initial consultations and surveys we will provide a costed move programme including scheduling and resources. Our designers will take care of all the planning in detail, whether you use your existing furniture or purchase new.
  4. IT Consultancy
    We have specialist computer and network relocation teams. These specialised technicians will ensure your investment in IT is relocated securely. This includes the decommissioning, packing and transportation, set up and re-establishment of the network, testing and making ready for your people to work without interruption, downtime or technical hitches.
  5. Office Relocation Management
    Our office relocation team usually work on an out-of-hours basis, over a weekend, or during a bank holiday period. All office moves are prepared and planned meticulously to ensure a smooth transition. We organise the crates, computer moves and vehicles and can even organise crane hire for those awkward heavy items.
  6. After the Office Move
    After your office relocation and refit, we will review what has been achieved and measure this against your original objectives. We will also provide operation and maintenance procedures manuals for advice on the products and services provided, including the maintenance requirements for the equipment.

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Office Relocation Case Study

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