Successfully planning your office relocation

Relocating your office could be the most important decision you make for several years and it can certainly be one of the most expensive ventures. But if managed correctly by the right team and carefully budgeted, it could propel your business to the next level while saving you a fortune in the long run. There are various reasons a company may plan for an office relocation; business expansion, lease expiration, retraction, mergers or simply to try and cut costs. There are many benefits that come with giving your business a fresh start and you need to be aware of them in order to take full advantage.

Making a decision to relocate can be the perfect opportunity for your business to attract and retain high calibre talent. An office relocation can all be very exciting especially when you have a blank canvas to work with, allowing you to design an entirely new workspace. This comes with the chance to implement new working styles that could make your company more flexible.

The main factor for the success of any office relocation is a solid project plan and management. You need to have a clear step by step strategy; tasks, teams, time and budget are all things to consider in accomplishing a smooth transition into your new office. Is office relocation the right move for your company? Before deciding to pack up your current workplace, make sure that it’s the right move for your business in the long run. Relocating demands a lot of resources and money, so it really shouldn’t be something you’re doing because you feel like a change of scenery. So where do you start?

Developing a property strategy

Once you’re set in stone about moving, it’s time to start planning the key dates for your relocation. This will help you determine the time-frame for the project. It’s important to keep in mind how this move will disrupt your day-to-day business activities and how it will affect your employees. Take a look at an office fit-out plan. Will you be having a completely new design or will you move into a refurbished office? Taking the time to plan your move correctly will allow you to identify risks and save on costs later on.

Once you’ve decided on a location and the building that will house your team, it’s a good idea to establish space and system requirements for your office. This will ensure your business does not suffer from any downtime. Putting together a team to help organise different aspects of the relocation will make the task easier. Consider a long term plan for your business growth and always leave enough time for the move.

Some benefits of an office relocation

  • Opportunity to create a new cutting-edge office
  • Accommodate company expansion
  • Attracting new high calibre talent
  • Increase employee productivity and efficiency
  • Improve business continuity

Relocating an office is no easy task; if possible, seek the help of a workplace design consultancy to ensure your shift to a new place is as smooth as possible. For more information on moving, Office Principles has put together check-list for office relocation planning. If you need help with ideas, moving strategy or space planning, we’d be happy to help.

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